Ozone Hood Type Dishwasher

Prochef is introducing its first time Ozone based Hood Type Dishwasher constructed using only high quality components and materials. We ensure a complete rinse quality of crockery and cutlery and optimal performances in any working condition.

Dimensions: 750 x 750 x 1800 mm
Operating Voltage: 230 Volts – 400 Volts, three phase 50 or 60 Hz.

Detailed Specifications:

  • It operates with three wash cycles of 54/ 90/ 150 seconds using 3 litres of fresh 85 degree C final rinse water per cycle.
  • Active hood type dishwasher with guaranteed rinse system, 1200 plates 0r 67 racks- 60Hz.
    Unit is active and feature Guaranteed Rinse System (GRS) eye.
  • The first dishwashing machine is introduced with ozone gas for bacteria/ chemical free washing.
    International Quality and safety standards.


  • The most unique feature- final rinsing is completed with ozone mixed water and the ozone removes all the bad odour of left-over food locked in hood type machine.
  • Green eye will indicate that all items have been washed properly and rinsed and safe to open.
    Stainless Steel construction to include hood, external, front and side panels, wash tank, tank filter plus wash and rinse arms.
  • Unit shall be field convertible from straight to corner operation.
  • Most recommended for hotels, restaurants, food courts, hospitals, etc.
  • Most innovative hygienic washing/ drying solution.
  • Hands free washing/ drying ensures no bacteria/ viruses after washing.
  • Designed with all safety features, user friendly and economical power consumption.

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